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Welcome to Big Bazaar Online

Introducing Rustic Template

Designed for Zen Cart version 1.3.8.


  • 900px 3 column fixed width.
  • Colours: Gray, Maroon, Brown, Tan.
  • Customized button set included.
  • Shopping Cart details in Header.
  • Customer Greeting in Header.
  • Date in Navigation Bar.
  • Order Steps (tableless) installed.
  • Better Categories Sidebox installed.
  • Tested using Firefox, IE7, Opera, Safari.

Additional Recommendations:

  • admin -> configuration -> layout settings
  • Column Width - Left Boxes (set to 150px) default
  • Column Width - Right Boxes (set to 150px) default
  • Column Width - Left (set to 160px)
  • Column Width - Right (set to 160px)
  • Define Breadcrumb Status 2 (Off for Home Page Only)
  • Categories Separator between links Status (set to 0)
  • Categories Separator between the Category Name and Count (delete the default setting)
  • Categories Separator between the Category Name and Sub Categories (delete the default setting)

The top horizontal category navigation, EZpages navigation and the footer IP address are set to display none by default.
To use comment out this declaration:
#navEZPagesTop, #navCatTabsWrapper, #siteinfoIP { display: none; }
and un-comment the following two declarations:
/* #navCatTabsWrapper { margin: 0 auto; background: url(../images/navbar.gif) repeat-x; font-weight: bold; color: #ffffff; } #navEZPagesTop { margin: 0 auto; padding: 5px 0; background: url(../images/navbar.gif) repeat-x; color: #ffffff; font-size: 0.95em; font-weight: bold; height:23px; }*/

This content is located in the file at: /languages/english/html_includes/rustic/define_main_page.php

You can quickly edit this content via Admin-> Tools-> Define Pages Editor, and select define_main_page from the pulldown. You can also edit it directly if you prefer.

NOTE: Always backup the files in /languages/english/html_includes/your_template

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